Sunday, August 30, 2009

MFA and BFA Alums Honored

Alums awardees pictured from left to right:
Norman Graffam [1st from left], Ka-Ning Fong[3rd from left], Linda Kane[4th from left]Shige Yamada [6th from left], and Marc Thomas[7th from left]

UHM Art Department Alumni Ka-Ning Fong [MFA], Norman Graffam [MFA], Linda Kane [MFA], Marc Thomas [BFA], and Shige Yamada [MFA] were among the artists represented and honored at the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce 31st Annual " Commitment to Excellence" Art Exhibition.

Ka-Ning Fong received Best in Show [Award of Excellence] for "Crossing River". In the 2-Dimensional category Marc Thomas received 3rd place for "Untitled 11", Norman Graffam received 2nd place for "LIZ" and Linda Kane received 1st place for " Long After". Shige Yamada was the featured artist in the exhibition.

Ka-Ning Fong and Linda Kane are also both Lecturers at UH Manoa in the Drawing and Painting Program. Norman Graffam is a lecturer at Windward Community College.

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