Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Is Chance Carpenter Doing Now?

In 2010 Chance Carpenter left UH with his BA and has become a well-known and sought-after graphic design artist in Hawaii for the past three years.  He has jump-started his own business, Silhouette, which specializes in branding, advertising, and video production.  In the past year, Silhouette has taken off with it's new physical location on Hotel St. in Chinatown.  Along with the new location, Carpenter has added three employees.  Despite the growing demand for his creative talents, Carpenter says he plans on keeping the business small in order to have a more personal relationship with clients and boutique type of feel.  Carpenter's talent extends beyond his entrepreneurship, he is currently the creative director of Nude, a premier surf magazine for Hawaii. Check out the links to his websites for additional information.
Chance's work for Silhouette
Nude Surf Magazine

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nicole Naone and Ashley Huang Spark New Art Enthusiasm in Waikiki

Nicole Naone

University of Hawaii College of Arts and Sciences graduate Nicole Naone launched the Waikiki Parc Hotel's Parc Promenade earlier this year.  Using fiberglass, bronze, and repurposed woods, Naone created a beautiful piece of art drawing from multiple inspirations.  Her aim was to represent local art values and inspire the local art community to continue to grow and flourish.  Her installment at the Parc Promenade ended in October but fellow alum Ashley Huang has just installed a new exhibition entitled "Bamboo Forest."
Naone's installation

Ashley Huang
"Bamboo Forest" will be on display until February 28th 2014.  Huang's inspiration for the piece came from personal life experiences.  In describing her art Huang said, "Each ceramic bamboo culm represents my relationships with significant people who have influenced me throughout my life."

Ashley Huang's "Bamboo Forest"
The exhibit is free and open to the public at the Waikiki Parc Hotel lobby at 2233 Helumoa Road, Waikiki.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Congratulations to Newly Published Authors Jaimey Hamilton Faris and John Szostak!

Two UH professors, Jaimey Haimilton Faris and John Szostak have joined the prestigious ranks of published authors with the recent releases of their books.  

Faris’ book, Uncommon Goods, focuses on the shift in art since the 1990’s to focus on globalization.  Artists are engaging audiences using conventional commodities and goods, making statements about the “readymade” items that have become a common staple in every day life.  Uncommon Goods delves into the deeper ethical dilemmas associated with global commerce such as consumption, marketing, bureaucracy, labor, and community.

John Szostak focuses on early 20th century Japanese artists in his book PaintingCircles.  Szostak centralizes the book around Tsuchida Bakusen, a Nihonga painter who founded the Kokuga Society.  The book analyzes the Kokuga Society’s efforts to preserve traditional Japanese art themes in today’s Western influence.