Monday, April 7, 2014

Yumiko Glover: Social Commentaries on the Roles of Women

BFA Alum Yumiko Glover's art has captured international attention for the controversial topics she tackles in oil paintings.  Glover's inspiration stems from the real-life situations she witnesses.  Her oil paintings focus mostly on Japanese culture, taking real-life experiences and situations as inspiration for social commentaries.  Glover focuses on the roles of women, especially younger women in Japanese society.  In a recent article featured on Japan Cinema Glover shares some insight into her artwork and it's analysis of the hidden eroticism and sexual elements of current Japanese society.  She explains the role of young girls in her artwork and the event that sparked her inspiration for her BFA thesis and current works in a series of oil paintings titled "Moe" Elements of the Floating World.  In addition to her oil painting, Glover is a regular guest speaker at the University of Hawaii Honolulu Community College.  Students benefit from her expertise in focused courses, The Modern Society of Japan and Womenʻs Studies.  Click the link to read the full article and see more of Gloverʻs talented artwork!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Alum Spotlight: Tonia Moreno

Up-and-coming artist and BFA alum Tonia Moreno is making a name for herself in the Honolulu art community as one of the artists featured in UH Manoa's new art partnership with the Waikiki Parc hotel and Halekulani.  Moreno's current glass art featured in the museum is titled "Aura's Whisper" and "Milk and Metal."  Moreno's passion for glass art began in high school and continued during her time at UH.  In a feature article with Ka Leo, the UH school paper, Moreno was quoted saying:

"I like glass because of the many qualities it can have an the countless ways you can work with it.  It is a material unlike metal or wood or ceramic.  The intensity of the heat and fluidity of the glass in its molten state are what intrigued me."

To see Moreno's art in person, visit her exhibition at Parc Promenade Gallery/ Waikiki Parc Hotel Lobby at 2233 Helumoa Road in Waikiki.  Her artwork will be on display until May 30.