Friday, May 18, 2012

Gaye Chan at Flux Factory (Queens, New York)

Faculty member Gaye Chan's project Eating in Public will be included in an exhibition entitled Bionic Garden at Flux Factory (Queens, New York) this June. The show invites viewers to "re-imagine urban spaces both private and public in an effort to bring resourcefulness and ingenuity to urban communities".

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Satoshi Takahira's solo at Kushiro Art Museum

Satoshi Takahira (MFA alum) in his first post-thesis solo at Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido, Japan. The exhibition is the culmination of Takahira's Artist in Residency organized by the museum and the Hokkaido University of Education. Exhibition runs from May 15 to June 3, 2012.

Boz Schurr at Launch Pad Gallery

Boz Schurr (MFA alum) is featured in Personal Pieces, a two-person exhibition at Launch Pad Gallery in Portland, Oregon. The artworks explore Mental Illness and Identity and will be on view from June 1 to 30.

About the Show

There is a strange disconnect between mental illness and normalcy. As if there is a stark, dividing line between the two. Black and white, completely separate. Us and Them. I believe this arbitrary classification – ill, healthy, recovering etc. is very similar to how we catalog our colors – blue, red, green, etc. The visible color spectrum reflects the human experience in the sense that colors cannot be contained as single, definable points. The spectrum is actually one band of ever shifting, ever transitioning hues, as are we; our lives and our experiences are continuous and overlapping, yet discreet.

All persons exist in a world with other persons. We interact daily with a wide range of people and personalities. It is not possible to limit your experience to “normal.” We are but one piece in the cosmos. No one exists in a vacuum. So instead of pushing past others whose mental or physical health might not reflect exactly our own, we embrace.

We are made of many parts, parts to our personalities, our bodies, and as one part to the rest of the world.

This collection of drawings and paintings are both illustrative, narrative and use subtle humor, rainbows and faces to suggest that we are all connected to each other; as the human race and as a thinking, feeling people.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Andrew Kane - offers galore

MA student Andrew Kane was recently awarded a summer Foreign Language and Area Studies Program (FLAS) for intensive advanced Japanese studies at the Inter-university Center in Yokohama. He also was offered a 6-month Japan Foundation grant AND a Center for Japanese Studies fellowship, both of which he turned down in order to accept a Graduate Assistantship to teach ART 175/176 in academic year 12/13.

Give Andrew a pat on the back when you see him!

Weston Teruya writes about Gaye Chan

San Francisco artist and writer Weston Teruya writes about Gaye Chan's work in a Hyphen article entitled The Language of Seeds and Tents. Also for the same journal, Weston interviews Chan about art, politics and community.

Yumiko Glover in Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art & Design

Recently graduated Yumiko Glover's BFA project is featured in the article New Talents in Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art & Design.

Weston Lambert wins Joan Mitchell Grant

Weston Lambert (BFA alum) just completed his MFA from Tulane University. For his thesis exhibition he was awarded a Joan Mitchell Grant which includes an exhibition in New York and $15,000 grant to help transition into life as a professional artist. To see more of Lambert' work.