Thursday, October 31, 2013

Three UH Alums Chosen for Luxury Row Art Exhibit

Daniel Stratis'
UH alums Tonia Moreno and Lynn Liverton will join current student Daniel Stratis in the eighth annual Luxury Arts exhibit entitled "Hawaii's Modern Masters" A Celebration of the Arts.  The exhibit runs November 7th to December 1st at 2100 Kalakaua Ave.

Lynn Liverton
Tonia Moreno

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Between Art Fairs and Books, UH Professor Debra Drexler is Making Us Proud

New York artist Eric Ginsberg revamped the prestigious Fridge Art Fair last May in NYC.  Ginsberg wanted to bring a variety of artists from different backgrounds. UH professor Debra Drexler was chosen as one of the 12 artists featured at the exhibit, along with other international artists.  The event encourages open sales and interaction between customers and the artists.  In the past, the event has felt stiff and formal; this year it had a personal laid-back atmosphere.  Artists were encouraged to make exhibits their own, utilizing whatever materials they wanted to best showcase their art.  The purpose of this new layout was to promote open communication with the artists, bringing a deeper meaning to each piece.  Drexler was chosen for her elaborately colorful paintings which range from $80-$7,400.

Planning Entropy

Drexler also has a new book entitled "Planning Entropy" which is on display at the FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Social and Politically Engaged Art from Nov. 1-29th at the Tipton Gallery at East Tennessee State University.  The book has been in the works for 15 years and touches on sensitive subjects about nuclear testing and colonialism in the Pacific.  The book is composed of 38 drawings, paintings, collages, and writings.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Scott Groeniger Earns National Recognition for His Work

FreeSpace: Generation Ship org-4998e4.1: (mariner’s grid)
Congratulations to local artist and inspiration Scott Groeniger, who has been chosen out of over 2,000 applicants to be featured in the Boston Printmakers North American Print Biennial 808 Gallery at Boston University.  The exhibition showcases the talents of 139 artists whose work is critiqued by a juror with a select few receiving awards.  Groeniger’s piece, FreeSpace: Generation Ship org-4998e4.1: (mariner’s grid), was chosen as the recipient of The Singer Editions jurors choice award for 2013.  The award winning piece is pictured above, but  The exhibit runs from October 27th to December 20th

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Robert Reed Continues to Make Headlines

MFA alum Robert Reed and Professor Mary Babcock are the two of the genius brains behind Juxtapose, a wearable art exhibition in honor of Honolulu fashion month.  The event took place on Oct. 19th at CoXist studios.  Young up-and-coming designers fashioned pieces made out of items found around the city, including bottle caps and aluminum ornaments.  Reed was especially interactive with the show as a designer, performance artist, juror, and creator of an installation designed specifically for the show. 

Reed’s work is extending beyond the small island borders of Hawaii to the Indianapolis Museum of Art where his piece titled “Inflatadiva” is being featured in an exhibition.   Indianapolis isn’t the only city that has caught wind of Reed’s talent, St. James, New York has found our talented alum as well.  The Smithtown Township Arts Council is currently displaying Reed’s work in the ChildhoodMemories: Juried Fine Art Exhibition, which runs from Oct. 19th-Nov. 23rd.  Reed is the only artist from Hawaii featured in the exhibit among many other talented artists from around the U.S.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Robert Reed's "Wacky-kiki: The Queen of America"

Robert Reed’s work is currently on display in Waikiki until October 13th at SPF Project, 729 Auahi St.  His artwork was recently reviewed in David Goldberg's article Balancing act featured in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.  The article explores the contrasting exhibits of Reed’s modern take on Waikiki and photographer E.Y. Yanagi’s retro approaching to the bustling area.  Reed utilizes common beach-like materials to form his piece titled "Wacky-kiki: The Queen of America."  Goldberg analyzes the deeper meaning behind Reed's art as a commentary on the modern culture of Waikiki that is here to stay.  Check out the entire review here.

Robert Reed is Revolutionizing Wearable Art

"Nowhere to Hide"
MFA Alum Robert Reed is making proud UH from across the country at the ManneqArt wearable art contest in Baltimore, Maryland.  Reed enlisted the help of fellow BFA alum EvaEnriquez to model his art photographed by MFA alum Betsy Curtis.  His pieces “Nowhere to Hide” and “Committed” both won awards in the competition.

ManneqArt is a non-profit organization that puts wearable art on display for the American public.  The organization awards prizes up to $16,000 for pieces displaying originality and creativity.  Reed is now one of the honored few added to the list of winners for 2013.