Sunday, December 19, 2010

2011 Orvis Artists in Residence

Announcing the 4 winners of the 2011 ORVIS Artist-in-Residence Award - a collaboration between the Honolulu Academy of Art and the UHM Department of Art and Art History. Each of the following MFA recipients will be in residence at HAA for a period of six weeks. Visit them during HAA's events - AloHAA, Bank Of Hawai’i Family Sundays and Artafterdark.

Katie Small in residence February 6 - March 20
AloHAA - 2/10
Bank Of Hawai’i Family Sundays - 2/20 and 3/20
Artafterdark - 2/25
AloHAA - 3/10
Megan Bent in residence March 27 – May 7
AloHAA 4/14
Bank Of Hawai’i Family Sundays - 4/17
Artafterdark - 4/29
James Jack in residence May 14 to June 25
ARTafterDARK - 5/24
Bank of Hawai’i Family Sundays - 5/15 and 6/19
AloHAA Thursday evenings - 6/9
Robert Reed in residence July 5 - August 13
AloHAA 7/14
Bank Of Hawai’i Family Sundays - 7/17
Artafterdark - 7/29
AloHAA - 8/11

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Local Boys and Girls Club visit UH Photolab to make pinhole camera images

The Boys and Girls Club recently had a field trip to UH Photo Lab to make pinhole camera images. Art student and Family Resources major Sandra Ng has been teaching a photography program at the Boys and Girls Club once a week. Sandra along with BFA Photography Alum Natalie Nakasone spent two Fridays helping the students prepare shoebox pinhole cameras to use at their field trip to the UH Photo Lab.
UH Photography Lab Supervisor Mike O provided the students with a tour of the lab facilities. Sandra, Mike, Natalie, and current BFA student Chris Rohrer were available to facilatate the field trip and do all the chemical lab work for the students. Above are some examples of the pinhole images and photograms made by the student's.

Brad Taylor and Suzanne Wolfe at Dao Art Space in Xian, China

Suzanne Wolfe, Large and Small Pillows

Brad Taylor, Tablets - Laminated, Compressed and Carved #1

Brad Taylor, Tablet - Laminated, Compressed and Carved #2 [foreground]
Open Mass- Beaten and Carved [background]

Ceramics Professor and Program Chair Suzanne Wolfe and Assistant Professor in Ceramics Brad Taylor have work in the American Ceramics Exhibition, which is the opening exhibition for the new Dao Art Space in Xian, China. The exhibition highlights 20 American Artists who have worked at the Fuping Art Pottery Village, and have work in the American Museum of the Fule International Ceramics Museum in Shaanxi Province of China.
The show opened on November 12, 2010 in the Tang Dynasty Park in Xian. Suzanne Wolfe showed five Pillow Forms. Brad Taylor showed a series of five Tablets-Laminated, Compressed, and Carved. These works were made during residencies at the Fuping Art Pottery Village this summer; they were fired this fall. The opening of the exhibition coincided with the International Ceramic Magazine Editors Conference in nearby Fuping, China.

Ben Norris: American Modernist available through UH Press

Ben Norris [1910 - 2006] was an American Modernist painter who helped shape the course of modern art in Hawai'i. He served as chair of the UH Art Department from 1945 -1955. A new book, Ben Norris: American Modernist is currently available through UH Press [35% online discount until December 17] . This richly illustrated book celebrates his life and work.

Students, Alumni and Faculty exhibit at Luxury Row

Hawaii's Modern Masters on display from November 18 - December 6th at Luxury Row featured many faculty, students and alums.

Chanel - John Koga and Maikai Tubbs (alums)
Coach - Bernice Akamine, May Izumi, and Lori Uyehara (alums and student)
Gucci - Fred Roster (faculty)
Tiffany & Co - Diane KW (student)