Friday, December 11, 2009

Harold Koda

Harold Koda [BFA and BA alumni] is currently the Curator In Charge of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. After graduating from UH Koda moved to NY and began interning at The Costume Institute he then went on to be the Exhibition Assistant to Diane Vreeland. In 1979 he left the Met to become the Associate Curator at FIT. He was at FIT for 11 years. First as Associate Curator of the Costume Collection then as Curator of Costume Collection and then as Director. While at FIT he started co-collaborating with Richard Martin on such shows as Fashion in Surrealism, Paper Clothes, East Village, and Jocks and Nerds. In 1993 he was brought to the Met to collaborate on more exhibitions with Martin under the title of Associate Curator of the Costume Institute. In 1997 he returned to school at Harvard receiving a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture. He has co-authored 24 publications that have informed historical discourse, and has co-organized numerous acclaimed exhibitions. Koda also currently contributes to a Blog "At The Moment" which is part of the New York Times Style Magazine Online.
Pictured above is a 1919 replica of a velvet "Paris Coat" that was recently displayed at the Degrees of Distinction Alumni Invitational Exhibition.

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