Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Junko Wong: Behind Blythe Artist Lecture

Junko Wong [BFA Alum] is one of the 24 featured artist in the current exhibition Degrees of Distinction up at the University of Hawai'i Art Gallery. Junko is the founder and president of Cross World Connections International, a firm that represents international artists and illustrators. In 2002 CWC along with Gina Garan and Takara spearheaded the revival of the Blythe Doll [Blythe was manufactured for one year in 1972]. Since the revival of Blythe, CWC has designed 50 Neo-Blythe's and 60 Petite Blythe's, along with various Blythe merchandise and apparel.

Star Bulletin interview

Junko will be giving an artists lecture Behind Blythe: Creative Direction Behind a Pop Cult Icon, on November 17th 6 pm at the UH Art Building Auditorium. Coinciding with this lecture will also be a book signing.

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