Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alumni Jeff Nisbet featured in "Television and Fire"

After receiving his BFA in Spring 2009, Jeff Nisbet moved to Long Beach and recently taken up the position of curator at Sipology Galerie and his body of work "television" is featured in a two person exhibition at Phantom Galleries LA

Jeff says : ‘television’ is a body of work that deals with physical application processes, light projection, and aleatory operations. It focuses on the object quality of television. Juxtaposed are tiles drawn from commercial signage, emphasizing the social politics of the television as a network for consumerism. The tiles have been consciously situated to subvert an advertising message. The true chance occurrence is the smear."

The exhibition "Television and Fire" will be running from September 26, 2009 to October 29, 2009. Review in District News

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