Sunday, September 27, 2009

Debra Drexler's Solo in New York City

Debra Drexler 's (faculty member) solo exhibition, "Shadow Play" features new large-scale paintings by that explore the inseparable relationship between our inner, spiritual light and our physical shadow. As stated by the artist, "only through the understanding of our shadow, can we see how it models and reflects the light within us. In the paintings, the shadow of the figure sits at the edge of becoming and dissolution, maintaining the choice of how it enters into a relationship with the beauty and terror of life. Form offers roots but is sticky with entanglements. The birds - as depicted in these paintings - represent a longing for greater expansion and freedom, while the bound-self struggles to hold on to the identity of the ego." Drexler's work embraces the tradition of oil on linen, due to their historical ties with the expression of the transcendent in art through responsiveness to process and intuition. Form both differentiates itself and blurs into disintegration. Subtle, luminous color illuminates the primarily grey palette. Sept 29 thru Oct 24

HP Garcis Gallery
580 Eighth Ave @ 38 St, 7th flr, New York City 10018
Tue - Sat 1-6

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