Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deb Aoki at eBay

Deb Aoki (BFA 1989) is currently working at eBay in the "user experience design" group. She is mostly a writer but also often use the design training she received at UHM to create visual diagrams of user flows (assisting users in finding relevant information). Aoki writes,

"Compared to some of the other 'content strategists' in my team -- my fluency in "design-speak" allows me to work with user interface designers and graphic designers much more seamlessly, and much more collaboratively, than just writing words to fill a space on a page. I do a lot of sketching, and in this world, it's a rare and useful skill."

Aoki has also worked at Microsoft / MSN, Citysearch, and She has found that her art training has served her well to THINK differently than the average MBA, and come up with new customer-centric solutions.

Meanwhile, or all the while, Aoki continues to work in comics.

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