Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Alum Spotlight: Dana Paresa

Honolulu Magazine recently featured an article on successful Hawaiian artist, and UH alum Dana Paresa.  Paresa was born and raised in Hawaii, after graduation she quickly found success in the local art scene with multiple solo gallery exhibitions and feature articles praising her work.  Despite her local success, Paresa wanted a change so she uprooted her life and moved to Portland, Oregon.  After living in Hawaii for her entire life, Paresa has connections with major art galleries and local magazines.  She wanted to find a place where her art would be critiqued solely on artistic value from someone who doesn't know her personally.  Paresa's daring move comes at the height of her local career, a daring move for an artist who has already found so much success. In James Cave's article Paresa gives an in-depth look into why she left her sunny oasis home to immerse herself in a completely different art scene.

Check out the article here to learn more about Paresa's local success and how she's doing since her big move to the mainland.

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