Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Students Impress at AIGA Hawai'i

“Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” –
book design. Designer: Lauren Trangmar. Instructor: Chae Ho Lee.

On October 26, students from the UH Manoa Design Area took top awards at the biennial AIGA Hawai‘i 5-0 statewide design competition. In the student category, the new identity system for the UH Department of Theatre and Dance, “Live on Stage” (designed by 2013 BFA design students in the UH Design Workshop – listed below) and the book, “Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” (designed by BFA design student, Lauren Trangmar) were both recognized with top honors. The nationally recognized designers and design writers who constituted the jury not only added an additional award to the student category (raising the number from 3 to 4) but made special note of the general quality of the student work saying:

“Overall, the student work was great. There was some stuff that was really surprising, hit the mark, and even went beyond the category. There were a couple that I could put in the [professional] Top 50, or even the [professional] Top 5.”
“Live on Stage” – Identity system for the UH Department of Theatre and Dance.
Designers: Brigitte Baker, Brian Baldwin, KC Fong,
Taylor Hanson, Janell Isara, Linda Lovan,
Casey Nishikawa, Kamie Oda, Robin Pignataro,
Maribeth Seveses, Sarah Smith, Lauren Trangmar.
 Instructor: Anne Bush.

UH Design alumni working in Hawai‘i were also well-represented. Of the 50 designs by professionals in the state singled out for recognition, 25 projects were designed by UH Design alumni (including 4 of the “Top 5” projects).

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