Saturday, February 4, 2012

Debra Drexler showing in New York again

Faculty member Debra Drexler showing with heavy hitters the likes of Sol Lewitt, William Kentridge, Yayoi Kusama in Getting From Here to There: Images In and About Transition at AFP Gallery. Fuller Building, 41 East 57th St., 7th floor / February 8 – March 20, opening reception February 15, 6 – 8 pm

Curated by Robert G. Edelman

Edelman writes, "This exhibition is conceived on the premise that representational and abstract art must not only co-exist; they can and should also have a conversation. The underlying or unifying premise for this show is that artists are always challenged by the process of bringing an image or composition to life, whether it’s what one expects when starting out or not, finally arriving at some resting, or unsettling, place. This sense of place, of a world in transition, can be expressed in ways that are more elusive than labels like representation and abstraction, so that a viewer can also get past these distinctions and their obvious limitations. A receptive viewer should also be able to see how each artist has taken liberties, or reinvented their imagery or iconography to make it work, despite moving toward or away from the limits of mere representation or post Abstract-Expressionist doctrine.

[image: Debra Drexler "Storm" oil on linen, 30" x 36"]

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  1. Sounds great. Congratulations Debra.