Monday, September 5, 2011

ART students performing in Berlin

4 students, Eva Enriquez, Sheri Lyles, Jessica Orfe & Rex Vlcek participated in IPAH Summercamp and Platform Young Performance Artists 2011 in Berlin. The workshops took place at one of the last remaining buildings on former East side of Berlin. The old military warehouse with high ceilings, graffiti walls and its surroundings offered a variety of spaces for the practice of performance.

All students performed as part of the workshop but Jessica Orfe and Rex Vlcek's works were chosen as featured performances. Orfe's "Phasis" was approached from the her background on dance to address a dream. Vlcek collaborated with two other artists, Tabea Hornlein & Beate Linne, in "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" a social intervention that invited to discussion on what is performance art.

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