Thursday, July 14, 2011



FENDI launchs Fatto a Mano, a design-focus platform in Hawai‘i, with UHart featuring MFA alumni Eli Baxter and Aaron Padilla .

Selected competitively among a pool of UHart alums and current MFA students, Baxter and Padilla will work intimately with FENDI’s Craftsmen from Rome on site at two FENDI Honolulu locations. Jointly they will build, cut, assemble, sew, and create contemporary design pieces that fuse each artistss concepts with FENDI’s style and materials.

Eli Baxter’s cerebral installations consisting of recycled bicycle tire rubber and FENDI Selleria leather explores scientific and philosophical concepts while focusing on raw materials and handcrafted details. Eli creates spatial experiences through her conical, floral and intricate ‘creature-like’ installations that cleverly mix her modern methods with Italian artisanship.

Aaron Padilla manipulates natural wood segments into elegant woven and knotted sculptures. By constructing and deconstructing these pieces, Aaron organically incorporates FENDI Selleria leather to create modern designs with mixed textures.


Eli Baxter at FENDI Ala Moana – August 12, 12-6 + August 13, 12-8
Aaron Padilla at FENDI Royal Hawaiian – August 14, 12-6 + August 15, 12-8
In honor of Baxter and Padilla's alma mater, 20% of the private events sales will benefit our department.

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