Saturday, March 5, 2011

Honolulu Printmakers 83rd Annual Exhibition

2011 Gift Print: Jared Wickware, Apparition

Numerous UHM Art Faculty, Alumni and Students were (again!) represented in the 83rd Annual Printmakers Exhibition:
faculty - Scott Groeniger
alums - Diana Jeon, Erica and Rob Molyneux, Deb Nehmad, Maya Portner, Dieter Runge, David Smith, Peter Suzuki, Paul Weissman, ....
current students - Ashley Katamoto, Mary Philpotts McGrath, Jessica Orfe, Jonathan Swanz ...
probably more... sorry can't keep up. ahhhh... the problems with success....
The exhibition runs from February 24 - March 18, 2011. I am sure you will find more.

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