Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Revamp LA magazine

An interview with Carl Lindstrom (BFA alum) – Creative Director of Revamp LA

What is the objective of Revamp LA?

We were sick of being told “No” by everyone, by big magazines in particular. Everyone was cutting jobs, cutting funds, holding tight to the few things they still had, which meant there were no openings for us anywhere. So we made an environment where, if someone truly wants to create something and is willing to put forth the effort to complete it, the answer is always “Yes.” It gives the [artist] a chance to have a published piece, and ultimately, it creates a platform that didn’t exist before.

How was Revamp formed?

When we leave school, we are thrown into the so-called “real world”, and are faced with trying to make a living. In this transition, creativity often gets put on the back-burner. To counter this regression, we developed RevampLA so we could try to make a living without sacrificing our creativity.

When Yvette Hammond and I created Revamp, we jointly decided what projects we wanted to do. We’d push each other, create deadlines, pool equipment, and stay on top of each other until the project was completed. The only thing left to do was to figure out how to put all this work out there so others could see it. So… we did!

What role has your education played in your accomplishments thus far?

Everything AND not everything. My intro to photography class changed my life, literally. For the first time in my life I felt like I was doing what I wanted, and I loved it. For that I blame Gaye Chan 100%. I also received important guidance from Stan Tomita, a true master of darkroom photography. With his keen eye and experience, I was able to get an education that extended way beyond the classroom and, well, the darkroom. He helped me understand that the second you walk out the doors of that university, take a deep breath, because the learning has just started.

Any special projects coming up?

We want a print edition of Revamp by this year, and are working on developing an interactive digital magazine for new platforms such as iPad. I think this is where our society is heading and I want to get there before everyone else.


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