Monday, May 31, 2010

Jodie Chock and Stephanie Gumpel published in Resolve 40

Two current art students, Jodie Chock and Stephanie Gumpel, have had their writing published in the current issue of Resolve 40, a New York based on-line art magazine. They wrote about their participation in a Marina Abramovic performance where they spent an extended period of time sitting across from her at Moma.

Jodie and Stephanie just completed a Professional Practices class in New York taught by Debra Drexler in which they visited museums and galleries, and interviewed art dealers such as HP Garcia, Ro Lohin (Lohin Gelguld) and Denise Bibro. The visited the library of Knodler, New York's oldest gallery with Edye Wessler, and alumni Willa Cox took them into the storage rooms of the Metropolitan Museum. The talked with art critic Jonathon Goodman, and artist, dealer, critic Robert Edelman. The visited the studio of former Whitney Biennial artist Michele Zalopany, and the studios of Mark Weiner and Linda DiGusta who are also the editors of Resolve 40.

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