Thursday, April 15, 2010

Charles Cohan

MGP09.I-X, 46" x 40", collograph print, ed of 1 +1 AP,2010

Mt. Rainier, 38" x 28", screenprint, ed. 5/10, 2010

Graduate Program Chair and Printmaking Professor Charles Cohan has a solo show Circuits on display at Curator's Office in Washington D.C. Circuits, Cohan's second solo exhibition at Curator's Office, includes two bodies of work, Tracks and Peaks. In Tracks "Cohan continues his interest in typologies imposed by humans on the land. Researching aerial views of race tracks on Google Earth... the race track circuits are then layered according to a particular season of races. The resulting mysterious tangle of lines evokes a knot gone awry or a pile of unwound paperclips Cohan admits to a fascination with ' the graphic overlapping of specific typology of architectonic forms, the simultaneous mapping if distinct yet coordinate information systems, the optical confusion that occurs within the overlaying of images of a shared type, and the loss of the original amidst the repetition of the similar.'"

In Peaks Cohan references topographical maps to translate his relationship to the Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. According to essayist Jaimey Hamilton "The series represents Cohan's personal relationship to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest he has chosen to commemorate his traverse on these mountains in an interesting way... Each print is made of an accumulation of up to 24 incrementally smaller shapes of ink that each represent 80 ft. on a map... The exact measurements and contours of the topographical survey actually obscure the identity of the peaks."

Circuits which opened on April 3, 2010 will be on display until May 1, 2010.

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